Beer and Cider

Independent, small breweries, no mainstream bullshit


Cask Beer

Naturally carbonated, real ale, by the pint and half


HOUSE BREWERY House Pale, Pale Ale, 4.2%, The Prince – 4.00


HAMMERTON N1, Pale Ale, 4.1%, Islington – 4.00


ARBOUR Blue Sky Drinking, English Best Bitter, 4.4%, Bristol – 4.00


BRISTOL BEER FACTORY Nova, Session IPA, 3.8%, Bristol – 4.00


Keg Beer

Cold and carbonated (not dead) beer, by the pint and half


LEFT HAND BREWING Co Milk Stout, Nitro Milk Stout, 6.0%, Colorado – 6.50


HAMMERTON N7, IPA, 5.2%, Islington – 5.00


SIGNATURE BREW Nightliner, Coffee Porter, 5.7%, Leyton – 5.50


FIVE POINTS Pils, Pils Lager, 4.2%, Hackney – 5.00


BURNING SKY Petite Saison, Saison, 3.5%, East Sussex – 5.00


REDCHURCH Urban Farmhouse Lemons, Sour with Lemons, 6.2%, Cambridge Heath –  6.00


DEYA x PIGS EARS Walking a Fine Line, Pale Ale, 5.3%, Cheltenham – 5.50


BREW BY NUMBERS 20|02, Ella & Saaz Belgian Pale, 4.5%, Bermondsey – 5.50


HOUSE BREWERY House Pale, Pale Ale, 4.2%, The Prince – 4.50



Still and Sparkling


CRAFTY APPLE, Medium Sparkling Cider, 4.2%, Herefordshire – 4.50


PERRY’S REDSTREAK, Somerset Cider, 6.1%, Somerset – 5.00


SEACIDER Lemon Meringue, Still Infused Cider, 4%, Sussex – 4.00


In the fridge

By the bottle


UMBRELLA BREWING Ginger Beer, Cloudy, Fiery & Alcoholic, 5%, Holloway – 4.50


SQUARE ROOT Das Radler, Hard Shandy, 2.5%, Hackney – 3.50


SQUARE ROOT + FIELD DAY + FIVE POINTS Citrus Pale, Shandy, <0.5%, Hackney – 2.50


Wine at The Prince

available in 125ml and 175ml measures and/or by the bottle.


We hold monthly wine tastings at The Prince, under the moniker of Wine Wars. Our esteemed members assisted in building this new list, you can see their positive quotes underneath our wines. And some not so positive ones at the end, for wines that didn’t quite make it.


Interested in joining? Email tom@theprincen22.co.uk.




Pinot Grigio

Via Nova, Veneto, Italy – 3.40/4.70/19

“Emergency wine.”


L’Emblème Grenache Blanc

Vin de France, France – 3.50/4.80/20

“Good as a session wine.”


Chardonnay les Mougeottes

Languedoc, France – 21.50

“It’s a big Chardonnay. Wonderful at that price point.”


Yealands Land Made Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand – 4.10/5.80/24.50

“Great with a bit of spicy food.”




Cleto Chiarli Pignoletto Brut

Emilia Romagna, Italy – 5.50/23

“I could drink that all morning.”

“Closer to champagne, more winey.”





Garnacha Tinta

Cop de Ma, Catalunya – 3.20/4.30/18

“Easy drinking red, much richer than you’d expect.”


Melodias Malbec

Trapiche, Western Cape – 3.50/4.80/20

“That’s on the list for me. Definitely enjoyed that.”


L’Escale Pinot Noir

South West, France – 3.90/5.50/23

“Good proper Pinot Noir.”

“Good breakfast wine.”


Syrah du Comte de Grignan

Domaine Gigondan, France – 4.70/6.70/28


“We love it. Get it. The one.”


Gamay de Touraine ‘Rubis’

Domaine Jose Marteau, France – 30

“The wine you would introduce your children to.”

(Just not on site please, and with dinner – Tom)


Sonoma Heritage Zinfandel

Rancho Zabaco, USA – 32

“You would impress someone if you ordered this bottle of wine.”




Comte de Provence

Le Vidaubanaise, France – 3.90/5.50/23

“The bottle would make a lovely lamp.”

“A very socialist price.”

“I love that.”


Costieres de Nimes

Les Hauts de Costes-Rives, France – 30

“Tastes a bit more like a white wine, so suits two tasks.”


Those that didn’t make the list (or did they)…


“Emma hates it.”

“It passes one test only, that it’s wine.”

“Maybe I’ve just gone off white wine.”

“I’d like a dress in that colour, if I had a tan.”

“A cuddle that could end up as a just a cuddle or a…”

“A beautiful woman that you’ve matched on Tinder and then you start chatting to her and it’s very disappointing.”

“I wouldn’t pay that much.”

“It’s very easy to get it down.”

“I don’t think I want to get it down though.”


“Wouldn’t buy it for bottle or name because both are shit.”

“The problem is, there’s not enough.”

“A dusty library.”

“More length, and who doesn’t want more length?”

“A bit burpy, but I’d still drink it.”

“Is there any more of it?”

“It’s a semi-on.”

“No Les, it’s not nice, it’s fucking amazing!