unruly backup

Tender Fried Chicken Bites £5.50

Bite-sized chicken pieces on a bed of iceberg lettuce, with a homemade Apricot Chilli Jam on the side.

Rolled out the oven ‘award winning’ piglet rolls £5.50

Everyone loves straight out-the-oven homemade piglet rolls and these pork & herb bad boys don’t disappoint. served with an apple sauce mustard.
one is just not enough!

Coca-Cola Slow Cooked Shreddred Pork Burger £9.50

Steak & Fries £10.90

Bavette steak & fries (med rare) with salsa verde mustard sauce on the side. A delicious dish packed full of flavour.


Smashed-down burger £7.30
This show stopper needs no introduction. simply wrappedtogether with cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, salsa, onions and sour cream.
all you need is one of the Prince’s fine beers and away you go.

Roasted sweet potato with mixed beans £7.30
all the veggies rolled into this delicious smoky wrap. grated carrots, beetroot,
lettuce and cheese. Served with mustard mayo.

Skin on fries (bag of) £4
Drowned in cheese (fries) £4.50
Nachos with guac/sour/salsa and cheese £4.50